Midland Doctors Medical Institute Women’s Health Clinic

Midland Doctors is growing steadily from strength to strength with every passing year, and we appreciate the support of Volunteer specialists who help to enable to maintain the quality of treatment provided at MDMI. The medical facilities need timely updates and latest technology is brought to the hospital to ensure the patients receive maximum care. Of the latest additions to MDMI, the Women’s Health Clinic is one such that enables to provide gynecology assessments and treatments to the women visiting the MDMI.









The Women’s Clinic is a major set towards the education of women towards healthy practice of hygiene and physical wellness. This effort is successful by the support of Dr. Sadia Malick, Lead Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician from Abu Dhabi, with a team of volunteer specialists locally and internationally: Dr. Uzma Khan, Dr. Tabassum Perveen and Dr. Afreen Sathar. We are focusing on general well being of mothers so they can have healthy pregnancies and unnecessary complications can be avoided so this improves the general health of newborn babies. One of the major issues faced by the women  of the remote villages of AJK is lack of awareness about Menstrual well being and hence suffer from Anemnia due to poor diet combined with severe and heavy menstrual cycles. specially among the age group of 20-40, which can be screened, identified and treated successfully.

The Women’s Clinic conducts Hystersoscopy and laparoscopic screening and surgery if required to treat minor pathological problems. The early screening and identification will help to reduce cases of complications like Cervical Cancer. The Women’s Clinic is being fortified with screening machines that will be supplied by major networks in the medical testing field in Pakistan. Thus screening and identification of cases will halp improve the health of the women visiting the MDMI. The international expertise of Dr. Asif Quadri and Dr. Ambreen Mustaq in the screning and maintenance of records strice to uplift the system to international standards of recording and creating Database of the patients at MDMI for reference and statistical evaluation.

Dr. Javed Ahmed and Dr. Sadia Malick shall be conducting regular training of local professionals for Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy procedures. The MDMI continue to support local medical professionals and give charitable treatment to the Zakat  eligible.
















MDMI works closely with MABIN to train home birthing attendants

Dr Sadia Malick and volunteer visiting professionals like Dr Uzma Aziz and Dr Ambreen Mushtaq facilitated training for the local staff at MDMI. They also conducted birthing attendants training and training in the use of Birthing Kits in safe and effective manner.























Hysteroscopy and Gynecology services at MDMI Women’s Health Clinic
















The MDMI has been conducting regular training sessions with the help of Dr Sadia Malick and othr volunteer specialists. They performed several complex surgeries during their trip to MDMI in MArch 2020. The session included live training for the local staff in the process of Hysteroscopy. They were successful in diagnosing many challenging cases and advised on treatment for the patients.

Also many future developmental plans for the MDMI Women’s Health Clinic were facilitated by discussions held with the Midland Doctors Medical Institute management.




11th April 2020

MDMI works in co operation with MABIN to distribute Home Birthing Kits

Dr. Sadia Malick, Lead Consultant Gynecologist in Abu Dhabi, UAE was one of the featured speakers of TEDx LCWU 2019, talking about maternal and infant mortality. Her talk offered simple and easy to implement methods of avoiding these fatalities, in addition to offering solutions such as how an easily affordable birthing kit may address this issue with immediate effect. Dr. Sadia Malick, with constant consultation with government bodies has succeeded in developing the birthing kits to be used in home deliveries by lady health workers and dais. This very sensitive issue right now the times of the COVID-19 Pandemic where nearly most of the mothers nearing delivery time may not be able to reach hospital or clinics for the birth of their babies.

In this collaboration with the Mother and Baby in Need foundation (MABIN), MDMI will use community workers will identify pregnant women in their last trimesters and distribute this kit to them. The coordination with these organizations will ensure fewer infant moralities and well being of the mothers.














15th April 2020

Midland Doctors distributes Home Birthing Kits to the Local Villages

Midland Doctors has begun the community distribution of the clean birthing kits with the help of our staff Dr. Shabnam Shehzadi, Community worker and Lady Health workers. We are taking precautions to ensure safety of staff and health workers at this time to ensure best results by explaining the importance of hygiene and care in the process of child birth at home during this challenging times of lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.