Midland Doctors Volunteer Program

We strive to provide world class healthcare to poor and the needy of AJK and to cater to the growing demands of the hospital, we welcome interested medical professionals including Dentists to contribute their time to this noble cause. The patients visiting MDMI are from far flung villages who travel a long way for medical attention knowing that we provide free healthcare service with excellent patient care.  Midland Doctors works continuously to improve the quality of the healthcare services provided at the MDMI. We have trained the local professionals with the help of visiting Specialised Doctors, Nurses and other health professionals who will be able to share their expertise with the staff at MDMI. We regularly have top class Surgeons, Consultants and Professors visiting the premises in Pakistan who support our initiative and provide the staff with latest information about medical services. The MD Volunteer program encourages visitors from all over the world to experience this idyllic location, Muzaffarabad in Pakistan and also be part of the initiative of supporting free healthcare for the poor and deserving.

You can also Volunteer in the UK and the UAE where we have offices of the charity. In these locations we are particularly interested in those individuals who can help with the administrative aspects of the charity itself.

MDMI Dental Volunteers

The MDMI is happy to announce that we are providing volunteering opportunities for Dentists and Dental Nurses. A brilliant opportunity for those looking forward to serving the impoverished communities of Northern Pakistan.

Project Flying Angels

We are now inviting nurses who would like to share their knowledge with the staff of Midland Doctors Medical Institute and provide their services for a short duration.

Volunteer Safety

The MDMI staff will ensure all volunteers are able to serve in the most comfortable environment and the hospital always takes precautionary measures to maintain a safe and secure facility.  Although there are no specific needs for worry, the hospital safeguards the well being of its patient and staff. Volunteers are responsible for their own travel and health insurance.

Visa Requirement

You may need to contact a travel agent to enquire about the requirements of Visa and other significant documents to be able to travel to the region. Our staff can share information and experience about Visa requirements if required.

Accommodation Facility

The management will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for the safe and comfortable stay of volunteers in en suite rooms at the MDMI premises if available at the time. If there is no availability, the MDMI staff shall make arrangements on behalf of the volunteer at a nearby high-quality hotel. Transportation to and from the accommodation to the facility can be provided.

Have more Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on support@midlanddoctors.org for any further information.

If interested why not fill in your details in the Volunteer Registration form

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