Rohab Ali a ten months old child suffering from malnutrition has been under treatment in the nutrition program of MDMI. The limited income of the family and inability to provide the proper diet and treatment had led to the deterioration of Rohab’s health and he was identified to be suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition by the MDMI team. The child was not exclusively breastfed and the use of complimentary food too early that was not adequate and age-appropriate was the reason for his condition.

The timely intervention by MDMI Nutrition Specialists to help Rohab changed his health situation. Rohab was provided RUTF and other essential medicines. The mother was also educated about feeding habits and the treatment process. After 46 days of the MDMI Nutrition Program treatment, his weight increased from 6kg to 8kg and his Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC ) improved from 11.3cm to 13cm.

MDMI helped this poor family in providing support by educating them about dietary habits and hygiene practices in the household.

The parents are glad to see the smiling, healthy and happy Rohab.

shamla nasar