Dr Asrar Rashid, Midland Doctors’ executive Trustee and Secretary, recently took a trip out to the hospital in Islamabad.

The purpose and details of his work during his trip can be read in his report below…



I met with the medical team and we devised a do-able plan for starting a growth and nutrition clinic as most referrals occur in this category. We agreed to start a pilot scheme for under 5’s … I trained the doctors and one nurse on height and weight assessments ..we agreed to write in folders until the software upgrade kicks in. Doctors agreed to undertake certain blood tests and I agreed to devise a proforma for clinical examination. Nurses will coordinate follow up .. We devised a way to objectivise the system using the Manchester Malnutrition stamp tool. We agreed there are community wide issues that need to be explored but are outside our current scope. The nurse will then be given the task of step 2 and 3 in the Manchester stamp tool. Doctors and nurses agreed on a tact to ensure take up of the advice pathway. It is likely without a dietician the nurse will be asked to take on an extended role in the interim period. Arshad, our employee, brought his son for review who indeed has disparity between the height (50th centile) and weight (<0.4th centile). I agreed on certain dietary manipulation measures with multivitamins as clinical examination was fine. Including follow up anthropometrics. They will keep me posted.

I was impressed with the nurse Fayaz. He’s highly dedicated and has asked us to send over a UK nurse to help in teaching nurses. He asked me about children he’s seen with neural tube defects. I agreed with the MO’s that we need a better program of training pregnant ladies and those pregnant re: folic acid supplementation. Bilal suggested a nurse could be used to educate our pregnant patients.

Dr Asrar

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