Time was of the essence to save lives from the ensuing high risk of Cholera and other deadly infectious diseases. All aid agencies were literally knee deep in the chaos caused by the flood and too large a task for all the agencies put together. The Midland Doctors team in Nottingham and Derby convened an emergency meeting to strategize a response. A kind and generous donation from Aspect Capital (London) with donations from other key individuals allowed a  £10,000 to be forwarded to the charity coordination Ch Riaz Ahmed.

Midland Doctors organized medical supplies and transport of these goods to Peshwar, a 6-hour ride by road from Punjab, to the affected region. The initial aim was to assess the medical need and to vaccinate 1000 people this week. Most deaths it was though would occur, from water borne diseases.

Dr Safiy Karim, lead Midland Doctors Flood relief team