The MDAUK has purchased land outside Muzzafarabad on the main road to Srinagar at a cost of £96,000. The area is 4 acres in total and the land is flat. The land has been declared safe according to a Government of Pakistan according to an external consultancy provided by a Turkish team. The MDAUK has also paid for a geological survey of the purchased land. Currently the land is bare, however all utilities are available for the site.

The acquisition of this particular area was based on:

A location outside of the city rather than within the established city confines would allow initial purchase costs to be kept low. The chosen location has adequate local access (main road) and amenities such as drainage and power. A location outside the confines of the city gave the opportunity to purchase a tract of land that was appropriate both in size and character to the needs of the project. The District of Muzaffarabad is a location with easy access and more advanced local amenities such as electricity, gas and sewage. Though the existing infrastructure has been severely affected by the earthquake the likelihood was that it would be the first to be fully restored.

A location near to the capital will not only be attractive in terms of staff recruitment but also retention. The initial elective nature of the Hospital does not require it to be within the city confines. The existing Emergency Medical Service structure is primitive and mainly non-existent.

Below are the first photographs taken on-site: