We were shown the plot on the 26th March 2011.  We took the time to view other locations, however it became clear to the whole party, and this was the most viable option. Once we were all in agreement, we negotiated and secured the plot.

MDAUK Village project South Pakistan


The Plot is situated 1 Km. from Main Gujjo City.
Located 82.30 Km. from Karachi (Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazar).
600 Meters from the Main Road.
9 Km. South of Haleji Lake.
About ¾ Km. from the 2 Main Canals carrying drinking water to Karachi. (a branch supplies our chosen plot). The sales deed was signed on 30th April 2011, and MDAUK took possession of the plot. Work can now commence.