Midland Doctors were formed in 2005 in response to a devastating earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale that struck Northern Pakistan.

Initially, a team of doctors from Nottingham & Derby flew into northern Pakistan one week following the tragedy. The team worked in a field hospital consisting mainly of tents. Over one thousand patients were treated in the five and a half days they were there. 134 major surgical procedures were carried out under general anaesthetic. The team helped create a medical facility with a functioning Emergency Department, a fully operational operating theatre and in-patient care facilities for 75 patients were set up, together with a system of ward rounds, triage systems and theatre procedures.









The Midland Doctors Medical Institute, Tandali, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

On return to the UK, the doctors realised that there was a huge unmet need for medical care in the region. The team had the vision of building a hospital in Tandali village, some 20 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, capital city of Pakistan administered Kashmir, and in the heart of the area devastated by the earthquake.

With incredible amounts of goodwill from architects, equipment suppliers, the local population, donors and many medical professionals, Midland Doctors were able to start construction of the earthquake resistant hospital in 2006 construction start and progress to inauguration in 2013. Between 2013 and 2019 the hospital treated some 250,000 patients, all free of charge, in the NHS model, and to NHS standards. Doctors volunteer their time and travel from the UK (paying for their own flights) to perform operations, assessments and procedures at the hospital.(Go to Project Page)










The MDMI provides healthcare to the poor and destitute. Zakat eligible patients have care provided on a charitable and free basis. Also the hospital serves as a major training facility for local healthcare professionals in AJK. The MDMI provides inpatient and outpatient care and has regular visits from international experts to share theri expertise and train the staff at the hospital. MDMI is the first paperless hospital in the region. The various departments at the Hospital provide the latest technology equipment for assessing and treating patients. The radiology and laboratory facilities are also well equipped and is frequently updated to give the best care possible to our patients.


Hospital Departments

  • Outpatient facility
  • Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation Unit
  • Radiology Department
  • Hematology and Biochemistry Lab
  • Two Operating Theatres and Sterilization Units
  • Surgical Department
  • Urology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Dental Department
  • Pediatric Department
  • Women’s Health Clinic
  • Cardiac Investigation Unit
  • Post Operative Ward
  • Catering Facility
  • Gas supply Unit
  • Administration
  • Incinerator (Waste Disposal)
  • Catering/ Accommodation for volunteer staff



2010 Flood Relief in Southern Pakistan

Midland Doctors reacted to the 2010 Floods in Kashmir by spending several weeks, helping communities in the region, in very difficult circumstances. As well as organising and delivering food, clothing and other aid, as well as aiding in building reconstruction, the team also staffed travelling medical clinics that provided vital care, visiting Pabbi twice (~140 patients treated), Choki Mumraiz (~140 patients treated), 2 villages in Charsadda,Qazi Khil (250 patients treated), Bin Qasim (900 children vaccinated against Typhoid, in collaboration with Pakistan Paediatrics Assoc.), Sir Sung (~90 patients treated) and a number of other locations. (Go to Project Page)

The floods in the region highlighted the poverty of the people affected by the floods. The plight of the people inspired the Midland Doctors Association to build a 100 home community near Goth village to the south of Karachi. The homes were built in association with the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), to provide the affected families a dignified place to live in and the necessity to educate the children and give them a clean environment to thrive. The families were provided two bedroom houses each with attached bathroom, a cowshed, a courtyard. The members were encouraged to earn a livelihood by farming and cattlerearing and provided an opportunity of educating their children at the school in the community and having access to basic healthcare from the clinic at the Nur Village. This village school is supported by the Midland Doctors to date for the upliftment of the  deserving and poor.



















Nur Goth Village Construction

During December 2012, the team at MDAUK oversaw an historic milestone – the inauguration of the Nur Goth Village project in Pakistan. This Village was built by MDAUK in conjunction with the on the ground support of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA). MDAUK also gained a key partner in the process, the Edhi Foundation, the most trusted name in Pakistan when it comes to relief work. The creation of a Village and community was born in response to the devastating 2010 floods, which destroyed many lives of men, women and children – in particular the poor and vulnerable.(Go to Project Page)
















Building a Future – Nur Goth Village School Project

The villagers were handed their homes after inauguration by Late Prof. Edhi Sathar. The highlight of this project was that all the basic ammenities required by a community were fulfilled by the effort. The villagers thanked us for the opportunity to educate their children and not having to worry about a home. The testimonials of the community house owners were reward enough for this amazing project. The village school is sponsored by Midland Doctors and the books and necessary supplies are maintained by charitable donations by patrons. The children are given an education and they are also provided with basic healthcare by the community clinic at the village.















House of Light School – Islamabad

The House of Light School (HOLS) is located in a village about 25 kms away from main city of Islamabad. It started with Pre-class one and currently has 293 students up to class tenth – the senior most class. Besides free quality education, all other services such as school uniforms, text books, stationery and meals are provided free of cost to every child from low income underprivileged homes. The charitable donations by patrons and interested volunteers helps to maintain the standards of education at the school.(Go to Project Page)


















SOS Children’s Village – Muzaffarabad


The Midland Doctors has been supporting the welfare of the children of the local orphanage in Tandali, the SOS Children’s Village. The orphanage is frequently visited by the medical professionals from the MDMI to assess the well being of the children. They are also brought to the hospital for routine check ups and Dental care. The MDMI Dental Department Volunteer Nurses and specialists had recently performed dental check up and necessary treatment procedures for the children absolutely free of cost. The Midland Doctors team ensure that every child is a happy face and we are glad to help the Chairperson, Dr. Tehseen Bukhari for the great work that the SOS organization is undertaking.