Midland Doctors Medical Institute is visited by International Surgical teams on a monthly basis and combined with more than 65 years of surgical experience by our Trustees offering Key Hole or Laparoscopic Surgery which assures faster healing times and they can be discharged on the same day. This is important as most patients treated at MDMI can’t afford basic care and must get back to work quickly in order to maintain their livelihoods. The program continue to expand with more international surgeons joining the volunteer effort allowing for a regular flow of personnel from abroad. Thus when one surgical team is leaving, another is being readied to start work.









This system of volunteers allows for regular preoperative screening of patients followed by excellence in postoperative care and pain management.





Midland Doctors – State of the Art Surgical Procedures









MDMI is now venturing into other surgical areas for example we now have a team of Urology Surgeons providing bladder interventions making MDMI a regional referral center for conditions such as bladder stones and cancers in MDMI. Midland Doctors Trustees like Dr. Syed Iftikhar and Dr. Javed Ahmed perform surgeries free of cost and train the local professionals with the latest techniques.

The MDMI provides non invasive procedures for the treatment of urinary bladder, Kidney and Gall bladder stones using the Lithotripsy procedure. This painless procedure allows patients quicker healing times and early discharge from the hospital.

Visiting Specialists and Surgeons ensure international standards are maintained at the facility. High quality surgical equipment, anesthetics and post operative recovery room are all part of the operation theatre at MDMI.



Midland Doctors Training for Surgeons

Doctors from around the world visit the MDMI to conduct regular training sessions. The staff are trained to keep in par with world class healthcare facilities. The ethos of the Midland Doctors is to give the best quality medical attention and care with respect to the patient privacy and  welfare.  MDMI had recently conducted Live Surgery training at its premises for the benefit of the local professionals.







Interventional Radiology and Cardiology Unit


The Midland Doctors is currently installing an Angiography Suite in the MDMI. This is a first such unit in the region which will enable visiting interventional radiologists and cardiologists at MDMI to provide diagnosis and treatment for vascular and cardiac diseases.

Delivering care of exceptional quality in a safe dignified setting is the key ethos of our organization, wee believe every individual is entitled to. Producing such complex diagnostic or treatment pathways is highly complicated requiring time and financial support. Overall, it provides advantages of minimising risk to patients yet drastically improving quality of life for those identified in need of such treatment options.












Midland Doctors with the help of donors has set up a fully functional Cardiac Investigation Unit at MDMI which consists of stress testing, cardiography (specialized ultrasound) scanning of the heart and reveal/event recording equipment that enables to record abnormal tracers of the heart for upto fourteen days at home, then to be interpreted by the specialist. This clinical modality is our cardiac diagnostic services and a small part of much more larger project of  the very first cardiac services in the AJK.