Sabrina Akhtar (President)

As the longest-standing member of the committee, Sabrina is the oracle of knowledge for all there is to know about MDAUK Students. She writes,

“I am incredibly proud of the progress that MDAUKs has made so far. It all began with one simple aim: To help those less fortunate than ourselves. MDAUK Students is now evolving; however, no matter how much it changes, it is still this one simple aim which will remain at the heart of all its work. Slowly but surely, its growing into something quite spectacular… So watch this space!”

She is ultimately the engine behind each of our successes, and we cannot fail to benefit from her many accomplishments.

Saad Fyyaz (Vice President)

saad fyyazAlways ahead of schedule and in demand, Saad is an integral part of the MDAUK student teams’ efforts. Perfectly balancing education, charm and swagger, his enthralling life experiences and broad range of knowledge provide the MDAUK Students team with a fresh approach to charitable organization. While some believe he must have a twin to accomplish all he has in his three years at Nottingham Medical School, it’s his signature smile, boyish good looks and outstanding commitment that aid our appeal. Saad is always down for the cause – and with the world at his fingertips complex problems tend to resolve seemingly at will.

Hanna Tilly (General Secretary)

hanna tilly

Hanna Tilly is very much the paradigm of diligence. Credited with the flawlessly smooth running of MDAUK Students Nottingham, her timely minutes and industrious nature are invaluable qualities to the team. A blurb about Hanna would not be complete without reference to her passion and unerring attention to detail; always a pleasure to work with, her enchanting smile and uplifting attitude drives us from strength to strength.

Michael Awad (Head of Publicity)

At 6″4, weighing in at 200lbs, Michael is quite a publicity statement. With a booming Canadian accent and an all-round suave style which has him capturing his audience instantly. We’re all sure his physique as a first team basketball player has nothing to do with that. Mike is currently studying intensively for his USMLE to head to the US following graduation, and aspires to establish himself as an ENT Surgeon in the coming years. Quite the altruist, the master communicator that is Mr Awad has considerable experience to draw upon having fundraised in Canada.

Patrick Tran (Head of publicity)

patrick tran

Ambitious and yet down to earth, Patricks’ primary vocation in life may well be medicine, but he spends the majority of his weekends devoted to running his father’s catering business. His subtle charisma and warm personality lures in new customers with consummate ease. Having mastered skills in marketing and publicity, Patrick brings plenty to the table with this alone, not forgetting his rich artistic background which we frequently call upon as well as his experience in charity work.

Laura-Sophie James (Treasurer)

laura-sophie james

Laura hails from the mean streets of Cambridge. Clearly very gifted given she stumbled upon the idea of applying to medical school days before the deadline! The decision was a stroke of genius, and despite what she amusingly refers to as her many blonde moments.
Laura’s masterful performances as Iris in the musical ‘Fame’, has brought cult status and ‘fame’ to the rest of the committee!

Paul Andrzejowski (Head of Events and Sponsorship)

paul andrzejowski (1)

Suave, sophisticated and debonair, with a charming smile and rakish good looks, third year student Paul is well placed on the committee as Head of Events and Sponsorship.

His vast wealth of experience combined with his easy-going personality, timely jokes and tireless work ethic ensures he gets the very best out of his team of coordinators; working to secure incredible acts, venues and sponsors, pulling off and managing incredible events, whilst also fostering fantastic relations with contacts in the entertainment industry.

In his eyes, impossible is nothing. Truly dedicated to the cause, with one mission: to make MDAUK-S a storming success – whatever it takes!

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