Donate from within Pakistan

rupeeIf you live in Pakistan or wish to make a donation to our bank in Pakistan, please make all donations

via our local project bank account at Mirpur Azad Kashmir.

We ask that all donors kindly email us to inform us of your donation amount and your contact details.  Please email this information to


Bank Identifier Code (BIC) : MCIBPKKIXXX

Bank Name Complete: MIB MCB Islamic Bank LTD

Beneficiary Bank Address: Domail Syedian Branch(0170) Muzaffarbad

Account No: 1701002060370001
Beneficiary IBAN Number : PK83 MCIB 1701 0020 6037 0001

Currency: PKR

Type Of Account:  Hope CURRENT ACCOUNT Date of account Open 04-Dec-2013

Account Title : Midland Doctors Association Muzaffarbad

Bank & Branch: MIB Bank Ltd, Domail Syedan Branch (0170) Muzaffarabad

Thanks & Regards

For any queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remember there are no overhead costs, 100% of your donations will be used for the hospital.



MDMI is a zakat compliant facility. Every patient for treatment is assessed by an independent Zakat team inside the hospital. Midland doctors takes the responsibility for Zakat funding and its utilisation very seriously.

There are many opportunities for the Zakat fund to be used by the poor and destitute and also help deliver the aim of alleviating pain and suffering. We have found that patients have endured years of suffering and have required surgical interventions which our team of experienced surgeons have been able to provide.