The MDMI has seen the development of a new department of the Dental Department in November 2019 with the support of organizations like Carestream, Sendoline, Astek, and .

Volunteer Nurses Connie Mattock anf Humera Hussain travelled from the UK to treat the children of the local orphanage, training the local staff and help with the set up of the Dental Clinic. Dental service will be given free to the Zakat eligible people of the region.The staff at MDMI will provide these services along with the Volunteers visiting from UK. The volunteer doctors will help in training and education of the staff with latest  world class techniques and maintain high levels of patient care. The MDMI Dental department is equipped with fully intergrated computer software.

Future Developments include the set up Oral Digital X-ray system and a Maxillofacial surgery with development currently focusing on viable Cleft Lip clinic and Oral Biopsy service.









MDMI Dental Departments will be providing regulare check up and dental care to the children of the SOS Childrens Village.

The Midland Doctors hopes serve the community by inviting more volunteer nurses from all specialities to contribute their experience and time to the poor of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The training provided by nurses with international experience is key to bolstering the local work force. Please reach out to us to register for our volunteer program.