The Midland Doctors along with the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust (ALMT) has initiated a Child Health program for the welfare of children who need emergency treatment and are given medical care to international standards. The MDMI has set up the Jodi O’Toole Ward Children’s Ward – Pediatric Emergency Assessment Unit. This Ward enables the sick patients to be assessed and provide medical attention without admission and bring quick relief.

The PEAU Ward has been providing special care to children suffering from commonly seen issues in this region, like Asthma, Diarrhea, Pneumonia, Malnutrition, etc. The mothers are given counselling on how to best avoid these diseases and also educated about healthy feeding habits and general wellness of their families.

The medical team supporting the Pediatric Emergency Assessment Unit is given regular training to update the staff with international standard techniques and instruments.


Child Health Program






This Emergency Unit cater to a 70 km radius from the Hospital. Senior Doctors from UK, USA, Canada, Europe and UAE volunteer their time to train the staff and develop vital clinical processes at the MDMI. The ALMT has been closely involved in the set up and maintenance of this ward in the MDMI.




Pediatric health indicators such as neonatal and childhood mortality in Pakistan, are some of the worst worldwide and poor Pediatric Nutrition continue to be a major cause of neonatal and childhood deaths in Pakistan. The 2011 National Nutrition Survey showed that 32% of under five years of age in AJK were stunted, 18% are wasted and 26% are underweight. These conditions are even more prevalent in rural  and remote areas of Northern Pakistan, where poverty lack of education and limited access to basic health services are major barriers to care.

Midland Doctors Nutrition Program supported by Canadians For Global Care (CGC) and Mac Bevan Trust has been instrumental in addressing the barriers and gaps to Pediatric Health services at the Midland Doctors Medical Institute.

The Mid Upper Arm Circumference is measured for quick indications of the status of the child. The indicator varies from Red to yellow to Green which indicates the severity of the Malnutrition. Here the indicator shows red meaning the child suffers from Severe Acute Malnutrition. the child is given medical care if needed and fed on Ready to Use Therapeutic Food(RUTF) to improve the weight and health. The weaker the child the muscles show wastage and bone growth is diminished.

The child is monitored over a period of few weeks to ensure the weight and health steadily improves. The child is also tested for any medical issues during the process. Eventually the child can stop using RUTF and mother are advised about healthy feeding habits for Infants and Young children.

The picture below shows the indicator to be green indicating the child is now of normal weight and can discontinue treatment for Malnutrition. The child is advised to be breastfed along with complimentary healthy food.



























The cold weather of the Northern regions of Pakistan combined with the poor living conditions of the families of this region makes the children susceptible to breathing disorders and Pneumonia if gone undetected. The Midland Doctors Medical Institute is conducting the MD Asthma Program to understand the problems faced by the children of this region. The children are treated for their symptoms and also given preventive medicines to improve their general well being.

The emergency treatment of Nebulization and inhalers are prescribed for the patient, they are monitored and admitted if necessary. When their conditions are stable they are asked to visit the MDMI and their situation is assessed through these frequent visits.

The resident pediatrician and staff are given regular training in the management of severe cases that may need higher levels of intervention. The visiting Volunteers share their expertise in managing the patients with Asthma.