Midland Doctors – Building Hope for Humanity

Midland Doctors takes the responsibility for  Zakat funding and its utilization to maximize the benefits of this fund. The MDMI is a Zakat compliant facility and every patient for treatment is assessed by an independent Zakat team. The Midland Doctors management and accounting team ensure that these funds are allocated for the treatment of the poor and destitute. In doing so, one helps deliver on the charitable aim of alleviating pain and suffering. Sometimes we have found the patients have endured years of pain and suffering, requiring key surgical interventions, which our team of experienced surgeons of MDMI have been able to provide.

Medical treatment processes are designed to provide ethical healthcare that is cost effective and appropriate to the local communities. MDMI healthcare delivery is culturally sensitive.For example Women’s Health is predominantly delivered by female doctors.

MDMI hospital sits in a logistically important part of the region, in the outskirts of the main city of Muzaffarabad in an area called Tandali. This means that when patients descend form their locations in the valley, they need not travel many miles in to the city to seek healthcare. Due to the success of our work and their need, we are seeing patients travelling for several hours to get medical treatment at the MDMI facility.

“To save the life of one person is akin to saving the life of Humanity.”

The MDMI has begun providing Ambulatory care to reach out to patients needing help in emergency situations.

The hospital employs trained staff who enable the swift care needed to be given to patients in critical situations.

The patients can be referred to other centers if the condition of the patient demands it.




The  Midland  Doctors  has  been  involved  with  many  community  projects  till  date  like  support of healthcare for the children of the SOS Children’s Village and screening of  the community for identifying and treating cases of Malnutrition among the catchment population.

The latest cause which Midland Doctors looks to support is to help maintain the dignity of the aged population of the region. The service would be to enable the elderly to receive the needed attention and care  with the necessary respect. They shall receive free treatment and surgery by visiting specialists.

The delivery of quality healthcare  with attention to social and cultural beliefs of the local population  and facilitate the upliftment of the poor is our founding cause.