Rahim has a specialist interest that lies in the procurement, commission and management of radiology services and the training of healthcare staff in the Midlands Doctors Charity Hospital. To an already strong professional team, he brings motivation, innovation and a totally new dynamic approach.

Having trained throughout the Midlands region, Rahim has developed an extensive network of professionals together with a vast amount of expertise in terms of technical knowledge, hospital management and clinical practice within a radiology setting.

Rahim has a vision to provide and deliver the highest possible quality care to the poor and needy of the region, in a dignified healthcare setting. He wants our supporters here in the UK to feel proud to be a part of this medical institute.

Rahim is a great believer of – “to save one life is like the one who has saved the whole of mankind.” It is this ethos that will be instilled in every health professional trained at the Midlands Doctors Health Institute.

Rahim is proud to have been instrumental in both this project and the building of the radiology department. He hopes you can accompany the team on this very challenging journey.