Dr Latief is an eminent Radiologist at the City Hospital Nottingham. As soon as the news of the earthquake struck, Khalid was immediately on hand and ready to leave with the team to travel to Pakistan.

Although a Consultant Radiologist (USA attending equivalent), Khalid was utilised for his general medical skills in the emergency area. Khalid worked relentlessly throughout.

Special interests of Khalid’s are in abdominal/GI and musculoskeletal radiology including ultrasound, CT and MRI. Khalid has trained at a Fellowship in Thoracic Radiology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Khalid’s expertise to the Midland Doctors will be in the designing and equipping of the X-ray (Imaging) Department within the Midland Doctors Hospital. More importantly, Khalid will also be involved in the training of staff in modern imaging techniques appropriate to the setting of the Midland Doctors Hospital.