Midland Doctors sourced life boxes containing 2000 family sized life straws from a facility in Vietnam. DHL were contacted to arrange a delivery to Karachi. The sourcing company generously subsidised the purchase and transportation of the life straws and ... read more

Midland Doctors team spent the day sorting out logistics and arranging storage of supplies. Mr Ch Riaz Ahmed helped to secure a warehouse in Peshawar which is secure to receive the procured clothes from Karachi. Food packs were increased in size. The visi... read more

The Midland Doctors medical and relief teams had distributed 400 food parcels in Noshara. Ch Riaz Ahmed was pleased with the day’s work and despite the fact that work had been relentless he said, ‘I am in a position of real privilege here, ev... read more

Message from the Chairman “I have met the team in Peshawar, I have been up from 5am and now it is midnight. There was some confusion in Peshwar when we went to retrieve goods at the airport, fortunately this was sorted. I have been briefed by the ... read more

Midland Doctors Charsadda team Midland Doctors organised the Medical stores this morning. The Midland Doctors group in Peshawar paid a visit to Pabbi medical camp where we stayed for about an hour and dropped off some needed medicines and then headed back... read more

Today we picked 250 clothes (shalwar kameez) from our store and 100 bags of food stuff as well, and we covered 2 places one was wapda colony Kabul river nowshehra and the second one was turnaab, gogoshthoo, we distributed the these clothes and food bags i... read more

Today we purchased medicines worth Rs:24423 for our up coming medical camps as we didn’t have any medicine for our medical camp because of the fact that the medicine we had were sent to swat, from tomorrow onwards we would have our medical camp in P... read more

We are currently holding 1 medical camp a week due to low medical supplies and working on obtaining Kids Gift Packs for Eid. The packs will be ready on 6th September and we are planning to distribute these to Kids in the Flood affected areas few days befo... read more