Time was of the essence to save lives from the ensuing high risk of Cholera and other deadly infectious diseases. All aid agencies were literally knee deep in the chaos caused by the flood and too large a task for all the agencies put together. The Midlan... read more

24 Hours of fundraising – £15,000 raised! Midland Doctors Ch Riaz Ahmed would oversee the operation. Ch Riaz Ahmed, doctors and volunteers will meet tomorrow and supplies will be purchased in Peshawar. Dr Javed Ahmed arranged a humanitarian team t... read more

“There were areas surrounding Peshawar and Nowshehra where dozens of villages had completely vanished Thousands of families had lost everything and were spending days and nights without any shelter and any essential supplies. Families were surround... read more

Working throughout the day the team provided treatment to over 400 patients and had fed 200 people on the day  across the Charsadda region. Cholera threat which we for-saw had become a reality and Children were at real risk.