Preparations begin for the next medical shipment to Pakistan! The team worked hard in scorching heats, on Sunday 1st July, to ensure the shipment will be safe on its long trip ahead.

Midland Doctors are on Radio Dawn Nottingham 107.6 FM on Saturday 26th May between 17:00 and 21:00. We are appealing for Zakat, Sadqa and general donations, to run the Midland Doctors Medical Institute in Tandali. All funds raised will be used to treat Z... read more

On 20th May between 12pm and 9:10pm  we did a Charity Appeal on Radio Ikhlas 107.8fm. Through the kind donations and support we have raised an amazing £36,146.18. We would like to thank all of our supporters who tuned in to listen on the radio for thei... read more

We need your help and support to allow us to develop the hospital. We are doing a Charity Appeal on Radio Ikhlas 107.8fm, on 20th May 2018 between 12pm and 9:10pm. Tune in to understand more about what we plan to do to develop the hospital and how your d... read more