10th January: 1652 COVID-19 cases in Mirpur

  • Pinnacle to a coordinated humanitarian response is a Coherent Medical Management System. On that basis a communication framework has been created, focussed on the delivery of quality care over the ensuing days and weeks.
  • Virtual Support System: An international team of senior consultants is readying itself to to take on responsibility to provide a comprehensive virtual support system for doctors. Guidelines and education material, has been formulated to support New City Hospital (NCH) Mirpur. Internal Medicine specialists shall offer daily consultancy virtually to the doctors on ground with continuous consulting with Lung specialists.
  • Planning Consultation: Dr. Javed Raza led the planning involving Midland Doctors team in Muzaffarabad, doctors at NCH led by Dr. Naeem Uz Zaman including NCH IT team, Head of Nursing, HR, Senior Pediatrician, and support services. Nursing staff was finalized for the COVID-19 response.
  • Education Room: The teaching capability at NCH was reviewed by Midland Doctors representatives, sound system, and internet feed shall be upgraded with the help of local services.


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