The Midland Doctors in association with the Mac Bevan Trust and the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust has been screening the children of the remote villages for the occurrence of Severe Acute Malnutrition which is commonly prevalent in these poverty stricken areas of the mountainous villages. The patients visiting the Pediatric department had received screening and they were provided free Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) to improve their condition at a quick pace. The patients were periodically assessed which help maintain the improvement of health conditions in hundreds of children. The families were provided counselling in early child feeding habits as well as nutritional habits for the whole family.


Due to the constraints of the lock-down imposed to control the Pandemic the Nutrition Program was paused for a short duration the past few months, but now we have successfully reinstated the screening as the disruption of health services during the lock-down had compromised the child health and nutritional status. MDMI has resumed the Nutrition Program OPD in order to support the severely affected children. Malnourished children are more vulnerable as they are dependent on the parents for the daily feeding care and support. If care givers are sick, quarantined or unable to secure nutritious and safe food and water, the children in these families will suffer.

The beneficiaries of the MDMI Nutrition Program (severely malnourished children) who suffered during the COVID-19 with the provisions of all services at the OPD including anthropometric measurements, nutritional screening, food supplements like RUTF, essential medicines and key messages on COVID-19 symptoms, hygiene practices, infection prevention and control measures.

MDMI medical team is doing the best of its ability to focus on approaching these children in communities as well as at hospital level to address, treat and prevent all forms of Malnutrition in children.


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