Dr. Syed Shabbir Haider, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital , US, is working in close coordination with Midland Doctors and is contributing his expertise to save lives in these challenging COVID times. This morning we were able to guide a medical team in Quetta, Pakistan by the Midland Doctors Virtual Support to guide the specialists in the front-line in managing a critically ill 50-year-old male. He was suffering from severe symptoms of the disease. The patient had been in the Intensive Care Unit since the last few days. Dr. Shabbir guided the doctors in Quetta about the advantages of proning a patient with severe Hypoxia and shared the guidelines for manually proning a patient. He also advised the team about the recommended medications to be given to stabilize the patient.

The standard guidelines followed in International hospitals were absent in Pakistan and the experts of volunteering with Midland Doctors are able to train them with life saving techniques through our Virtual Support and to help patients in critical condition and with latest developments worldwide in treating COVID patients.

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