The MDMI will start providing medical treatment to patients that need immediate attention from 15th June 2020 on the basis of appointments. The hospital will receive calls on the below mentioned telephone contact numbers:

05822-433301 and 05822-433303

The patients will be connected to a medical officer who will investigate their condition verbally and provide them with an appointment if they are not confirmed COVID-19 patients. The patients will undergo pioneering mechanisms of telephone services for medical attention through the Triage setting in the MDMI. If they are not required to be present at the hospital physically, the necessary measures will be instructed to the patients. This model helps to avoid crowding at the facility, and maintain Social distancing while patients visit the hospital. The lockdown period in the region has created difficult scenarios for patients with other medical problems and underlying health issues. In order to safely manage the incoming patients at the hospital only a definite number of patients will be seen in a day. The flow of patients will be maintained in away that there is no crowding at any point inside the hospital.

We hope to continue our charitable services to provide medical attention to the needy by opening our hospital at this juncture.

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