The third session of the Virtual Training was conducted by the Midland Doctors Edcucation and Training team led by a group of specialists from the UK and the UAE. The session was moderated by Dr. Farhan Rashid, Consultant Surgeon, UK and the main speakers included front line staff handling COVID-19 patients in the Emergency Department Dr. Muhammad Saif Rahman, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE and Dr. Nauman Rashid, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Queens Medical Center, UK. The Exec. Trustee and Anesthetist Dr. Zahid Sheikh also spoke regrading the treatment protocol of patients in the HDU and ICU.

The training session was attended by many specialists from the Muzaffarabad region who have also treated patients identified in the region. The MDMI has been involved in training and education of the local medical professionals including surgical procedures and utilization of latest equipment used in developed nations.

The treatment guidelines for this pandemic has been continuously evolving with continued research findings, the various updates in medications and symptoms were discussed. The guidelines for COVID treatment in the various zones like Low Dependency Units and High Dependency Units were discussed. The patients with less severe symptoms are advised to be discharged with the appropriate advice to isolate themselves to stop community spread and get tested at a later stage.










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