The Midland Doctors are supporting the government efforts to combat the management of COVID-19 affected patients. The preparations for isolation wards at the Midland Doctors Medical Institute is in progress and we are fully equipped with machines and staff to assist the government efforts to treat the patients that are affected by this deadly virus.

We hope to successfully contribute with the help of international expertise being shared with us by the Pakistani medical staff who would like to volunteer their services remotely. The MDMI will be the only hospital in AJK that is equipped to handle such patients that are of High Dependence. They shall be provided ventilator services if required and the staff and facility are maintained at high international standards to ensure the best possible service is delivered to the patient while ensuring 100% safety for the medical staff that will serve the patients. To support our efforts kindly donate to the Midland Doctors bank account mentioned in the page Donate.

The London Business School Pakistan Alumni Club will support us in procuring the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of the medical staff attending to the patients affected by the COVID-19. The COVID-19 response requires medical staff and resources like testing kits, hand sanitizers, gloves, protective suits, N 95 masks, 3 Ply masks, Ventilators etc.

Kindly donate and support the Midland Doctors COVID-19 response and help spread word!












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