Dr. Syed Yousuf Iftikhar, Chairman, Midland Doctors has placed MDMI on level Amber with staff readiness and protection. Routine activity has been ceased and now we are shifting to pre-crisis mode. The medical staff has undergone necessary training to keep themselves and the patients protected. The MDMI will follow standard procedures as instructed by WHO and the government of AJK.

The Midland Doctors is now participating in its fourth humanitarian mission for Pakistan. The medical team including Doctors and nurses at the forefront of this fight world over is fighting a united front to contain the spread any further. The foe is invisible but the strength of the fight needs to be persistent and The Midland Doctors need your Duas and support to help people overcome this tough time.




Day 2 : 16th March

Screening of patients as they approach the MDMI








Day 3: 17th March

A representative from the WHO came on an inspection visit to see if we should be a designated center for children’s immunizations – he was not expecting to see our COVID-19 measures, which haven’t even come into practice in government hospitals, though COVID-19 has entered into AJK. We managed to requisition a thermal thermometer to catch fevers at the door and to protect others. Ferocious activity before the storm for a foe that you can’t directly see. The young healthcare workers are frightened – they have never faced such uncertainty. The WHO official was impressed by our no-handshake policy and took pictures to show his government colleagues. We are now a designated center for WHO immunizations – an activity that will have to await the aftermath of what is to follow.









Day 4: 18th March






















A visit today from the Army: Commandant of CMH and Deputy Commissioner to see the current process for COVID19 at the hospital. Like our patient’s all visitors are screened at the hospital entrance, a thermal scanning thermometer in use. The visitors appreciated the screening efforts and looked at the OPD and were interested to know what capacity we could AJK and wanted 50 bed capacity. The Midland Doctors have planned all week to have the facility ready, now we are deep conversation as to the level of their requirements. OPD workflow has been adjusted to protect against cross infection. Covid19 screening only began yesterday at the hospital and already delegations have been and have been impressed with Midland Doctors Medical Institute. The hospital and the trained staff are a testament to donors across the world who have donated and supported this facility. We are already a model for how things can be. COVID19, takes everything to another level, a level we never thought one day would be required in anticipation of what may come. The next phase is to secure processes for in-patients and to see if we can support the AJK effort as a whole.





Day 5: 21st March 2020


The Midland Doctors Medical Institute is screening patients in full blow. The Administration of the MDMI Mr. Bilal Hussain, CEO; Mr.  Syed Shahbaz Shah, COO; Mr. Ahmed Najam, HR Administrator are doing excellent preparations in acquiring all the necessary equipment, protective gear, masks and medications so as to receive patients affected with the COVID-19. The MDMI will be the first unit in AJK to develop and run a COVID -19 program and a model for other to follow. the challenge faced by the hospital now is to keep regular patients at home and keep them from gathering in multiples. We are advising the patients with multiple warnings to stay at home. Our staff has shown a lot of dedication to the local community, despite the challenge befalling all communities near and far. For the first time we are facing a humanitarian crisis with the rest of the world- local impact with global consequences. The MDMI is dedicated to serve the community at this testing hour and we are thankful to the medical team at the MDMI for what has been achieved in overcoming this massive challenge.


AJK Chief Secretary Mr. Mathar Niaz Rana visits MDMI

The MDMI facility is to fully equipped to accept and treat COVID-19 patients. The preparations at the MDMI were examined by the authorities including the AJK Chief Secretary Mr. Mathar Niaz Rana. The government inspections ensured that we are equipped and trained to handle such an massive disaster response that the world is challenged by. The necessary medications, equipment and protective gear is being set up as the week comes to an end.









28th March 2020

Virtual Training for Medical team and Administration at MDMI for COVID Response

The MDMI received Virtual Training for the process of receiving patients and management of the facility during this time of crisis. The training was conducted by Dr. Farhan Rashid, Consultant Surgeon, UK; Dr. Nauman Rashid (Emergency Medicine consultant), UK; Dr. Rahim Kayani (Anaesthetist), UK, Dr. Asrar Rashid( Pediatric Intensivist, Pediatrician), UAE, Ms. Faiza Ahmad (Emergency Unit Nurse), UK and the medical team including nurses, urologist, physician and the administrative staff at MDMI. They were educated in the process of managing the hospital, safety measures to be taken and the procedure of donning personal protection equipment.

The team was educated in the process of administering and filtering patients in the front line entrance of the hospital. They were given a detailed understanding of the medical symptoms to look for in COVID affected patients and to identify their condition if they need to isolated or they need breathing intervention.












The medical team will be accessible by telephone during this period for any emergency response. The hospital will be converted into an isolation ward and will not be delivering regular medical check ups. Any patients requiring medical attention may contact the emergency numbers as being circulated in the region by our staff and also mentioned on our website home page.





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