I first heard about the Midland Doctors from Dr. Khalid Latief, a Consultant Radiologist from Nottingham. He talked passionately about how a group of doctors formed a charity with a vision to help the needy and underprivileged in the aftermath of the earthquake in 2005. News about the good work the team was doing and the unique vision enthused me to visit the Midland Doctors Medical Institute (MDMI) in Muzaffarabad.

I set off from Sialkot to visit the Midland Doctors Medical Institute (MDMI) in the early hours of the morning on 18th of February and arrived in Muzaffarabad to a mild sunny afternoon after seven hours of travelling.

The hospital’s Human Resource Director, Ahmad Najam, and the Chief Operations Officer, Shahbaz , were present to receive me. The team, led by Ahmad, took me on a tour of the MDMI and demonstrated the various facilities. Highlights included the paediatric ward with facilities for high dependency, introduction to the malnutrition program, a brand new dental room, laboratory for haematological analysis and several theatres with associated equipment. The hospital was clean and meticulously organised with a clear focus on the patient. Additionally, the team was extraordinarily hospitable and displayed a high degree of professionalism. I presented a brief lecture about the role of Interventional Radiology in healthcare which was attended by all medical staff and left for my return journey shortly thereafter.

The entire experience was eye-opening and the growth of the MDMI, though initially steady, is evident. The treatment is free to all patients who are non-affording with provision of an extremely high standard of care from local consultants and experts visiting from abroad. The potential of the hospital is limited only by imagination and I am keen to get involved and be a part of this wonderful project.

Thank you to Ahmad, Shahbaz and the team for being such wonderful hosts.

Dr. Affan Zamir delivers a lecture about Interventional Radiology at the MDMI and contributes to the ongoing training of local medical professionals by visiting international experts.

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