In a ground breaking move by The Midland Doctors Association, consultants from Canada, UK and UAE are involved in a milestone project both for the charity and for Kashmir.

The project entails the screening of children in and around the villages of Muzaffarabad for malnutrition.

The map shows how far patients travel to the hospital for this programme.


This programme was started around 3 months ago where all children attending the facility have been screened for the risk of developing malnutrition using the Manchester
Malnutrition stamp tool.

The tool entails an assessment of the current growth, height and weight of a child and other factors to ensure that they are attaining the correct level of growth and then the parameters are used to assess the clinical risk score.

Patients are categorised into high, medium and low risk. In doing so, we can work out when children require regular follow up.

This month we have now reached a total of 1600 children being screened, of which some have been identified to be high risk.

We hope once we have analysed the data in more detail, we can then implement work on the ground to modify the pattern for preventing the risk of children developing malnutrition.

If successful we hope this programme can be implemented across North Pakistan.