On Sunday 9th April Midland Doctors held its annual Derby Charity Event at Anoki restaurant, Burton-on-Trent. Through the kind donations and support from all who attended we managed to raise an incredible £65,000!! This outstanding amount will prove instrumental in providing huge ongoing assistance in the aid to help the devastation suffered in Pakistan and to help assist the running of the hospital. We would like to thank all our kind supporters who attended our event for their generous donations and support. A big thank you also goes to Anoki restaurant for their continued support of this fantastic event, and also to Clarins and Kiki’s Boutique for donating giveways. anoki3anoki42017-04-10-PHOTO-00000004 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000005 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000006 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000007 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000008 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000009 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000010 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000011 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000012 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000013 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000014 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000015 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000016 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000017 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000018 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000019 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000020 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000022 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000023 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000024 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000025 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000026 2017-04-10-PHOTO-00000029