During Rahim Amin’s recent visit to the Midland Doctors Medical Institute, Muzaffarabad, he had the opportunity to welcome two of our international donors – Sharaz Yakoob and Zahir Ahmed, of Claims Assist UK from Stoke on Trent.

During their 2 days at the facility, Sharaz and Zahir were accompanied by Rahim, who escorted them around the hospital. They were able to see the services that we provide in Pakistan that we take for granted here in the UK and were able to appreciate first-hand, how their vital contributions were being spent.

After the tour of the facility, Zahir commented on the astounding achievements of the Midland Doctors Association. He remarked that “the charity’s efforts are inconceivable and we as donors do not appreciate the size of this hospital until you actually visit”.

He later commended, “this place is fantastic” and that it is one of the best he had seen in AJK and that he personally would be more than happy to be treated at the Midland Doctors Medical Institute. We believe this to be the real proof of our achievement!

May we take this opportunity in thanking Claims Assist UK for visiting us and for all their continued support.