Dear Donor

You may have read that I was in Pakistan recently, I had the opportunity of visiting Peshawar and also to check on our The Midland Doctors Hospital. We are saddened with what has been going on in part’s of the country, however we remain focused in our aim to offer healthcare on a charitable basis.

It’s astounding that in a 1 year and a half and we have treated an amazing 32000 Patients !!

Our main challenge is that of sustainability for which we are dependent on your donations, help and prayers. It is for this reason that I have out forward the challenge for 2015 to raise  £500,000 which will allow us to care for 20,000.

Remember many of these patients are reliant on our help from basic health care to other more specialist medical treatments.Our intention this year is to open the theatre area and to get operations established.

Already eye operations have been held at the facility and it will be a matter of time before such treatments will become common-place at the facility. When a child arrives at the hospital doors we provide hope to the family as the child’s breathing improves with our life-saving treatments.

Most humbly, yours…

Dr Iftikhar

shah nawaz