Canadians for Global Care Society is a grass roots organization that came into existence as a result of inspiration from Midland Doctors. The Midland Doctors focus on building a hospital in the earth quake hit region Kashmir raises several dormant issues; when disaster strikes the whole world rises to the occasion, rescue teams are sent and people donate generously. However things are forgotten, as the media moves on. CGC will strive to help complete these unfinished projects around the world. Our inspiration comes from Midland Doctors and we have taken on the Kashmir Hospital as our first project.

CGC is a registered non-profit organization with no political or religious affiliations and its activities shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members. Like Midland Doctors we are a 0 % administration charity.

Fund raising activity for the Midland Doctors Association UK Kashmir Hospital Project…

Feb 27, 2010 – Calgary:   Raised 40,000 CAD
May 8th 2011 – Vancouver:  Raised 20,000 CAD
May 13th 2011 – Toronto:    Raised 50,000 CAD

Besides this we have undertaken projects to support the Typhoon victims in the Philippines, the earthquake victims in Haiti and have taken on multiple projects locally.

In December 2010 I visited the hospital site, so that I could give first-hand information to the Canadian people. It was an adventure I never imagined I would undertake, it was only made possible because of the desire to bring awareness to North America about this great project. My visit has generated an interest in the medical community and I recently was asked to write an article in one of the medical news letters. I think all this will go a long way in creating on-going support for this project. Our next focus will be to encourage people to make monthly donations to the Midland Doctors Association UK website for the smooth running of the hospital once the construction is complete.

Attached to this article is our newsletter, You can also visit our website at for more details.

Dr. Yasmin Majeed
Canadians for Global Care Society

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