The Village is close to completion, with 100 homes, including, electricity, solar power, sewage and water pipes. MDAUK are working closely with the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) who are project managing on the ground in the Sindh Province. The opening is planned for summer 2012.

The dream was to create homes that would withstand any future floods and bind them together as a community that could sustain itself. Add to this the elements of health and education, in the form of a village clinic and school then we have the base of a community that can truly progress and become a model in the area. Ultimately the emergence of such a community would benefit the surrounding areas and these benefits would be seen well into the future.

The selection of families for the village was a difficult and heart wrenching task, as our village is but a drop and the need is an ocean. The cost was approximately £5k per house as per our original budget, however the village is still in need of funds circa £50-75k to complete the school and medical clinic. Our aim is to provide a combination of the basics of life: shelter, water, medicine and education, this will change lives for generations to come.

For those of you that are interested, the link to the fundraising page is: As always your generosity is much appreciated. Please note that MDAUK are 0% admin so we have seen every pound you donate continue to go direct to the efforts on the ground.

Below are a few photos taken of the site during April: