Last few days of Ramadan… a ‘charitable’ note to followers of all Religions…
We are coming to the end of the blessed month of Ramadan for Muslims. Good deeds and charitable efforts are increased during this month. For those that are observing Ramadan and those from other major religions, we wanted to do a short note on the benefits of donating to support the running of Midland Doctors’s new charitable hospital.

Many religions share the giving of ‘alms’ to the poor. It seems that whichever religion you follow, all charitable deeds are worth doing. There is no question. There are also certain charitable acts that will provide ongoing reward to the person who made them, even after their death.

In Islam this is referred to as, ‘Sadaqah-e-Jaaria’ (Continuing Charity). Examples of such charitable acts are donating towards the building of a charitable hospital, the building of a mosque, donating towards the creation of free running water, etc. As long as that charity continues, the person who donated will receive ongoing reward – this reward will continue after the death of the donor. The great thing about Sadaqah-e-Jaaria is that it can be made on behalf of others.

So, a small plea to all… Donating to Midland Doctors’ efforts to run a charitable hospital will provide you with immense reward. In Islam, if you want to donate on behalf of another, all you need to have is the intention at the time. What a beautiful gift.

All are welcome to donate easily on our Just Giving page.