Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s (BOAML) London based associates continue to support the Pakistan Flood Relief efforts. In conjunction with MDAUK, BOAML’s Multicultural Leadership Network has been collecting spare blankets, warm clothing and sleeping bags (attached poster). During December, collection bins were setup at the Bank’s London offices in St Paul’s, Canary Wharf, Bromley, Camberley and Croydon. Arvinder Mudhar (picture attached), the co-Chair of the BOAML Multicultural Leadership Network, led this initiative and collected all the items from the BOAML London offices.

Arvinder commented that “the sheer amount and quality of items donated was overwhelming”. These items were dispatched to a London collection point at the weekend. Thereafter, MDAUK have co-ordinated the collection of these items and are currently transporting them to Derby to go into a container bound for Pakistan. MDAUK’s executive trustee Ajaz Najib, has generously co-ordinated the setup and dispatch of this container for Pakistan, which will reach those Internal Displaced Persons that are suffering the harsh effects of the current winter.