Our wonderful engineer, Mr Amin Tariq, MDAUK Civil Engineer in Chief, paid a visit to the site today to oversee the construction so far and ensure the quality of the build is according to his detailed specification. Mr Tariq has given a lot of his time for the project on a charitable basis for which all of the team at the Midland Doctors Association UK are indebted.

His comments are below:

“It was basically to have an overview about the progress and to ensure that the plumbing services were understood by Rizwan to ensure implementation would run smoothly.  We discussed various items and told Rizwan that all plumbing pipes should be kept in sleeves so that later these can be replaced anytime for choking or malfunctioning.  I also checked the quality and fixing of protective bituminous sand coated membrane.

I discussed with Rizwan all his survey layout issues, resolved and ensured that room sizes are coming out as expected to drawings. I also took Rizwan along to two other sites, so that he could understand the strictness required in the complicated work of the superstructure.

I plan to visit in a week or two once again”

Please see below the pictures taken earlier today.