A Midland Doctors supported Eye Camp in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir treated 23 patients in an 18 hour medical marathon. The event was held to support people who cannot afford cataract operations continue their lives inhibited with the visual impairment.

The ground work for the Eye Camp started well before the event with many methods used to get the message out. These included posting banners and posters, using Imams and community leaders and standing in a moving Suzuki with a public address system reaching remote villages to get the message out. Advertising therefore required significant energy and was instituted well before the event.

Two doctors were recruited from Al shafi eye trust Rawalpindi and Amnat eye hospital Rawalpindi. Both hospitals have great reputations and their services proved invaluable.

On the day, 252 patients arrived in the camp with multiple eye complaints. Most were diagnosed and treated with medication – provided free of charge. They were also provided with glasses free of charge.

27 patients were short listed for cataract surgery. 1 for ptregium. All of them had pre-op assessment with laboratory test. Patients requiring an operation were transported free of charge to better operating facilities in Dina, ready for further procedure the next day.

Subsequently, 23 patients had cataract operations and 1 went through a ptregium operation. All stayed in hospital that night and had checks a week later. Patients were given light refreshments during the day and those who stayed the night were fed lunch, dinner and breakfast

The camp started at 9am in Mirpur and the whole process, including the medical procedures in Dina, was finished at 3am the next day. So this was a marathon event totalling 18 hours.

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