Dear Supporter

Running a charity on a shoe string, i.e. at 0% costs allows funds to be used on where they are required. In this instance, in Pakistan on the development of the hospital.

However, such level of commitment requires the good will of many. This week I would particularly like to thank the team on PHDU for their kind support in raising money this last Christmas. Thanks to Pat for maintaining the poster board at the PDHU and coordinating with Joy and the Stores to secure donations of equipment that was being decommissioned from the NHS.

Nurse Joy has been wonderful in her co-ordination and boxing of equipment for Pakistan.

Next I would like to thank Richard from Najib and Sons for donating his time today to collect trolleys and a couch for the hospital project. Ajaz of Najib and Sons had donated his staff, and van so that the equipment could be collected from Nottingham today. Ajaz, further at his own expense, has provided a container to house the equipment until the container can be shipped to Pakistan.

As I said, we are indebted to all for their goodwill and support. With kindest regards to you all.

Dr Asrar
MDAUK Secretary and Consultant Paediatric Intensivist