Dear Supporter

Despite the harsh winter conditions, the construction of the hospital continues.
I would like to thank everyone for their continuing support. I was handed an donation
of £50 today from my Children’s Dependency Nurses who raised the money by not
sending out Xmas cards this year- very kind indeed.
Dr Iftikhar also informs me that £500 was raised in a similar manner through the local

Thank you again.
Below is a short email from the team on the ground with pictures attached of the work in progress.
Kindest regards
Dr Asrar Rashid

Tomorrow we start compacting granular fill of back portion and labour start leveling with granular fill to front portion.

1. Granular fill for the front portion of the hospital has been ordered.
2. We also need local crush and sand for lean concrete. I prefer local crush because it is lean concrete

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Dr Asrar