Our core mission is to impact health care in Pakistan for the poor and less privileged

Message from the Chairman

Since inception our hospital has seen 32,000 patients in 1.5 years! All of the patients being seen have been seen on a charitable basis, it is for this reason patients travel from afar.

Our task is momentous and because of the scale of what we are offering and to so many, we really need your help.

The charity will be holding events up and down the UK starting in the Midlands. You as supporters are pinnacle to us begin to be able to reach the lofty heights of impeccable voluntary medical care to an area lacking such a facility…please help us with our target.

We aim to continue to run our women and children’s clinic and to start to operate on patients. We can’t do this without you. If you started the journey with the charity…please continue…if you are new..please join us to make a big ripple of giving and effect change.


Dr Iftikhar